Aztalan Site History When was Aztalan first discovered? Aztalan was first discovered by Europeans in the fall of by early Wisconsin Territory settler Timothy Johnson of Watertown. Upon hearing stories of the site, Judge Nathaniel Hyer, a Milwaukee settler, visited. His description, the first at-length published account of Aztalan, appeared in the Milwaukee Advertiser, Volume One, Number 29 on Saturday, February 25th, In this account, Judge Hyer also produced the first rudimentary map of the site. Although his written account and illustrations are not precise, they did capture the general features and layout of Aztalan. How did Aztalan get its name? It was Judge Hyer who first gave Aztalan its name. The name Aztalan comes from the mistaken idea, prevalent in the early nineteenth century, that the site may have been the northern place of origin of the Aztecs of Mexico as mentioned in their legends and oral traditions.

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In addition to directing the university’s communication programs, Luljak serves as an associate lecturer in UWM’s Department of Journalism and Mass Communication, teaching courses in corporate communications and sports marketing. On this edition of UWM Today, we look at lake algae, the microscopic organisms that can be a blessing or curse to the quality of our lake.

Knowing what people have done in the past is essential to understanding the world we live in today.

Ex. Owen introduces himself in an email to Ruth after reading her profile on an online dating site, and she responds with her telephone number Experimenting a relational stage in which two people become acquainted by sharing factual information about themselves and making light conversation or small talk.

From the beginning the school offered physical education as part of the curriculum and also extracurricular athletic activities. Physical education courses were offered to train students to provide physical training for their own pupils when they became teachers. According to the Annual Catalog the students were also schooled in the development of “kindergarten games. The physical training curriculum from to was administered by the Physical Training or Physical Education Department.

The university’s catalogs suggest extracurricular athletics first started in as activities of student clubs and societies, administered by an Office of Student Life and Recreation and funded by student fees. The clubs and societies competed against local sports clubs and in some instances area colleges. Harvey began the first formal program of intercollegiate athletics at the Milwaukee Normal School.

By basketball was the most popular intercollegiate sport, and by the early twentieth century “basketball” and the “athletic program” were synonymous at the school. The years produced several state championships for men’s basketball and consistently outstanding women’s basketball teams. The popularity and support for intercollegiate sports, especially basketball and football, increased when the Milwaukee State Teachers College was established in According to the May 25, Wisconsin State Times, the football “Green Gulls” had some success, winning several Wisconsin State Conference football titles between and

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Jeske Goals of the Program Expanding on our knowledge base through research that benefits undergraduate and graduate teaching and training. Activities pursued include archival searches, field surveys, site excavations and laboratory analyses. Disseminating knowledge to peers and students. Publication via books, scholarly journals and Reports of Investigations is a critical aspect of the center. Teaching courses that benefit, and benefit directly from, our field and laboratory research is also essential.

Rob Demovsky ESPN Staff Writer Now Nick Perry (knee) has been ruled out for the rest of the game. He joins Kentrell Brice (ankle) and Lucas Patrick (being evaluated for a concussion).

He is the author of 19 highly acclaimed books with combined sales of over a half million copies, A much sought after speaker, he is available as scholar in residence in your community. See his website at rabbibenjaminblech. The opinions expressed in the comment section are the personal views of the commenters. Comments are moderated, so please keep it civil. Unspeakable horrors inevitably follow the designation of the “other” group as an enemy. Who our so called leaders choose to decry as enemy is often quite fluid.

The deployment of nuclear weapons over Japanese civilian populations should have simply been unthinkable. But instead it was considered justified. The firebombing of entire German cities in successive waves of aerial attacks, timed carefully to exterminate firefighters and civilian refugees, should have been unthinkable. Rounding up Jews, Poles, Roma, and others, and imprisoning them, only to have them converted to slaves, executed, or mistreated in other ways was bad enough.

The suffering described was indeed great. But there is monumental danger in demanding a trademark for that suffering. That danger is the consumers of media building up a tolerance for the suffering industry that the Shoah has become.

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The Border issue has been exploited and the result is the disassociation of Ancient Egypt to Nubia and to the South in culture and Race. The cure of this disassociation is in the Cosmology of the peoples of Nile Valley Civilization. A proper study of Nubia and the Secret of the Ankh is the Paradigm that allows us to grasp and unify Egypt. This New Discovery will also aid in the solving of the problem when we get more information. Using the Secret of the Ankh Paradigm — which is really looking at Kmt Cosmologically we can now see over 11, years of Ancient Egypt.

What is true is border disputes but Cosmology is the unifying factor.

“UWM has great history and a huge legacy dating back to ,” said Anderson about why he coaches at UWM. “Also, because that is the only Division I school I could never beat as a player in college.” As part of his duties as associate head coach, Anderson is instrumental in the recruiting of players.

ET June 6 On Tuesday, California held its congressional primaries and in one largely rural district, there was a new kind of money entering politics: In California’s 4th Congressional District, one political novice bought his way into relevance using the social network, and has helped shape a hotly contested Democratic race, stirring up animosity in the process. Taken together, its 99 articles represent the biggest ever change to data privacy laws.

The new rules have implications for U. Here are answers to three questions you might have about the new law and its potential impacts. To see more, visit http:

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Our goal is to make a high quality University of Wisconsin education available to as many people as possible. From in-person to online to other distance learning options, we have a variety of class options available for you to achieve your goals, on your schedule.

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Antarctica: 260 Million-Year-Old Forest That Existed Before the Dinosaurs Discovered

Origins[ edit ] Chaucer as a pilgrim from the Ellesmere manuscript Geoffrey Chaucer was born in London sometime around , though the precise date and location of his birth remain unknown. His father and grandfather were both London vintners ; several previous generations had been merchants in Ipswich. His family name derives from the French chausseur, meaning “shoemaker”. Career[ edit ] While records concerning the lives of his contemporary poets, William Langland and the Pearl Poet , are practically non-existent, since Chaucer was a public servant, his official life is very well documented, with nearly five hundred written items testifying to his career.

Gregory Jay, University of Wisconsin Milwaukee, English Department, Faculty Member. Studies American Literature, African American Literature, and Multiculturalism. Dr. Gregory Jay joined UWM as Professor of English in He was the founding.

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