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Take a Night Safari Get up close and personal to wild animals at night. Along the way you may spot some of the antelopes that roam free outside the other animal enclosures. The minute Creatures of the Night show, held times nightly, is a big hit with kids, and one of the highlights of the Night Safari is a stroll through the fruit bat enclosure, where you may find yourself face to face with a giant fruitbat, hanging upside down inches from your face and tucking into a chunk of fruit. No flash photography is allowed in the park. Spread across 28 lush hectares on a peninsula in the Upper Seletar Reservoir, the Singapore Zoo is beautifully designed, with globe-spanning wildlife roaming large, natural habitat-like enclosures. The Great Rift Valley complete with a cliff-cascading waterfall is home to Nubian ibexes, baboons and mongooses, while in the Fragile Forest biodome you can climb up to the forest canopy to check out two-toed sloths and to spot lemurs and flying foxes. Head for Wild Africa and Cat Country to see lions, leopards, cheetahs, giraffes and zebras and to the Forest Lodge to spot the rare white tiger. The Rainforest Kidzworld is great for younger kids, with pony rides and a wet play zone with waterslides.


It is, however, usually quick and easy to move between them on the MRT. The biggest two are the conservatories — the flower dome and cloud forest. Unfortunately, the flower dome was closed for maintenance on our visit do a better job than us of checking their website for closures!

Not sure where to take the children during this school holiday? Fret not. 31 mommy bloggers took part in a blog train called Fun For Free in Singapore and came up with a list of best free places .

Driving from Singapore to Malacca If you have a car, what better way to get to Malacca than driving all the way, enjoying the rough curves, smooth roads and the wonderful scenery that characterize the journey. The North-South Expressway NSE is the shortest way to Malacca from Singapore and the journey may take about 2 hours 30 minutes to 3 hours excluding the time spent for Singapore — Malaysia immigration clearance. This route also has a downside, or two!

You actually have to force yourself to focus and not get tempted to visit the numerous ancient mosques and tombstones which are architectural masterpieces in their own right and of course the picturesque hot springs. Just to make you feel better, these are usually deserted and isolated places which will take you more time to locate and access than they will actually keep your interest, so keep your eyes on the road and drive on.

There are better sights in Malacca. You can fill the petrol at any station in Singapore. This is because you need to pay few dollars either at Woodlands Checkpoint or Tuas Checkpoint. Avoid travelling to Johor Bahru during peak hours. No need to disembark from car to get the passport stamp. It is enough for one way trip to Malacca but you need to reload the card on a return journey.

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I looked through some archives and realized he has been talking about this for the past few years since National Day Rally to be exact. The whole narrative since then has been like: However, few people are really convinced that Singapore is going to shift away from school prestige and grades. Even educators are skeptical. Only until they actually do so are parents going to buy it.

Shops vary from international brand names, the wheel stands meters high and each revolution of the wheel takes approximately 30 minutes allowing visitors a magnificent view across the city. Singapore’s Jurong Bird Park is one of the finest aviary parks of its kind in the world and a major tourist attraction.

Names[ edit ] Prior to the adoption of Hanyu Pinyin , the city’s name was typically romanized as Chin-keang-foo, [1] Chen-kiang-fu, [2] or Chinkiang. Its inscription indicates that the Western Zhou began to dominate the area south of the Yangtze River [3] A part of Zhenjiang was the possession of Ce, who was created the Marquess of Yi in the early Western Zhou.

Then the region was renamed Zhufang and Guyang, supposedly. A Chinese legend holds that the site’s fengshui was so advantageous that the First Emperor ordered prisoners to dig a tunnel through one of Zhenjiang’s hills to dissipate its qi. It became a prefectural seat during the middle of the 3rd century BC. In , it was made a commandery seat. Its importance grew with the construction of the Grand Canal , after which it served as the chief collection and transit center for the grain tax paid by the farmers of the Yangtze delta.

The city flourished from the 10th to 13th centuries, when it produced fine silks, satins, and silverware for the Song emperors. The 11th-century scientist and statesman Shen Kuo composed his Dream Pool Essays during his retirement in a garden estate on the outskirts of the city. It was taken by the Mongolians during their campaign against the Song capital at Hangzhou. The city fell to Xu Da on 17 March A decade later, massive floods of the Yellow River altered its course north of Shandong and closed the northern path of the Grand Canal.

Soon after, the town was sacked by the Taiping rebels in From to , while Nanjing served as the capital of the Republic of China , Zhenjiang served as the provincial capital for Jiangsu.

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Burpple Guides Burpple Guides , Hawker Food Tastemakers Guide to Best Hawkers in Chinatown From utterly satisfying curry chicken cutlet noodles made for cheat day breakfasts to the tenderest of soy sauce chicken and a ma la xiang guo stall that delivers flavours sans queues, this guide is packed with a treasure trove of foodie finds. Dress down, and go hungry! When it comes to meats, we can’t think of a tastier way to enjoy them than grilled, smoky and sporting an appetising char, which led us to this week’s guide on the best grills and barbies in Singapore.

Quite naturally, there are one too many spots for Korean barbecue and Thai mookata it’s a very tough fight!

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The most striking feature of temple is its roof, with 48 engraved glass panels to catch the rising and setting sun. Resembling the structure of a DNA, the bridge has five viewing platforms across the entire length to enjoy great views of the Singapore skyline and events taking place within Marina Bay. It was originally a place where sailors and traders from China used to come and pray for safety from the rough seas. However today lovers come and pray before the black idol, the statue of Yue Lao, The museum is housed in the former Tao Nan Chinese School and has galleries on three floors that illustrate the unique visual arts of the It is also the working office of the Prime Minister of Singapore.

Built during the British colonial rule in Singapore, the architecture of the building reflects the neo-Palladian style of buildings. Through exhibitions, diorama display, artifacts, handicrafts and multimedia, the Malay Heritage Centre

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The map is orientated with the South towards the top left. Bedok is one of the early native place names in existence around the time of Sir Stamford Raffles. In the first comprehensive map of Singapore Island completed by Frankin and Jackson and reproduced in John Crawfurd ‘s book, the place name appears on the south east coast of the island as a river, Badok S.

Sungei Bedok , around the “small red cliff”, a part of present Tanah Merah. The Malay word bedoh refers to a very large drum, used for calling people to a mosque for prayers or to sound the alarm in the days before loudspeakers.

Restaurants near Jurong East Swimming Complex, Singapore on TripAdvisor: Find traveller reviews and candid photos of dining near Jurong East Swimming Complex in Singapore, Singapore.

Share From a hidden hot spring to a HDB deity and a completely demolished theme park, these four attractions were once hugely popular with Singaporeans but have been forgotten over the years. Do you remember the Tang Dynasty Village, with its majestic Chinese facades and hundreds of terracotta soldiers? Or the Monkey Tree God, which drew thousands of Singaporeans to a quiet estate in Jurong West in search of divine intervention?

Take a short trip down memory lane with us as we go in search of four forgotten places in Singapore and discover if they are gone for good. Tucked away in a wooded area about m off the beaten track, you’ll smell it before you see it go down to find out why! Caretaker Mr Gao T K, 67, who has been cleaning the spring for the past two years, says that while visitor numbers are few, there have been regulars who come early in the morning and for daily showers who keep him company on his otherwise mundane job.

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Source As I was cutting vegetables, this realisation hit me – others struggle to put food on the table, yet here I am taking my meals for granted. As we look forward to our next meal, there are others who rely on Willing Hearts for their basic staple food. Drop them an email before going down to confirm your volunteering. The only people that many patients see are their therapists, and undergoing treatment can be lonely without encouragement and motivation.

Through your efforts, you can make them feel remembered and cared for, and build long-lasting relationships with them. Be it conducting social and recreational activities such as outings and karaoke, or simply spending time with the patients, a simple gesture of kindness will go a long way in bringing joy.

16 places in Singapore to bring your date to earn a kiss under the mistletoe this Christmas. Here are other awesome places to be on Christmas eve other than the crush of Orchard Road.

It’s so well developed now that we’ve managed to find 23 things to do there! Today, we bring you a list of 25 of the best food places in the West, well kept secrets by the residents who live here. For those living in the other regions of Singapore, these are 25 reasons you need to travel to the West. From cafe foods to hearty local delights and even lip-smacking halal goodies, the West is a treasure trove of delicious grub.

We love our spice too much. Zai Shun is famous for both their fishes, done a la Curry Fish head style or steamed. The fish is super fresh, no fishy smell and it comes in generous, meaty portions. Their curry fish head is not too spicy but is more on the sour side. Portions are generous, so prepare to order more rice to be soaked with your curry.

Not as accessible as the rest, this cozy home-styled bistro and bakery serves up comforting grub. They have brunch, lunch and dinner menus complete with a range of sweets for the sweet-toothed. Though their food is priced higher than usual, the variety and taste more than compensates for it. One of their must tries is the boneless duck which is tender, lean and well seasoned.

Two ancient fault lines discovered in Yishun and Jurong during underground excavations

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Follow Jurong Hill road up to the peak and you will find a tranquil garden and a spiralling tower perched on top. The Jurong Hill Lookout Tower was built in the s and at the time was a popular place to host foreign dignitaries and even royalty such as Elizabeth II, Queen of England.

How much is a book worth after its contents have been read and absorbed? Veteran Singapore writer and educator Robert Yeo and book conservator Alex Teoh will share their knowledge and experiences of book collecting and upkeep. View books from their personal collections, some dating back over a century, that show that the stories behind the books are sometimes as important as the stories in them.

Find out more about the tangible and intangible value of old books, even as younger readers continue to migrate to electronic platforms. Bring your own old books and share your questions and stories! I remember as clearly, the occasion when I bought the collected poems of Walt Whitman in a Bras Basah bookshop as a schoolboy in , as I do that June in when i bought the Cantos of Ezra Pound in the famous Oxford bookshop, Blackwells.

I still have these books and return to them ever so often, the simple pleasure of reading augmented by the remembrance of buying them. His three connected plays were published in as The Singapore Triology. Alex Teoh Alex Teoh is a paper and book conservator, providing restoration and collection care for rare manuscripts, collectible prints, antique maps and antiquarian books. He has been involved in various conservation and exhibitions projects in Singapore, Malaysia, Indonesia and Brunei.

Paper and books, being products of nature, deteriorate over time. Causes include light, acidity, pest infestation, mishandling and poor storage conditions.

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Marina Bay Add to Trip! Singapore’s famed Marina Bay is the place to go to see the city’s most spectacular things to do. With the fast development of this cosmopolitan city-state, the whole Marina Bay area has undergone a transformation of epic proportions. Arrive at Marina Bay around Universal Studios Singapore is the first amusement park of its kind to open in Southeast Asia.

Gardens by the Bay is a huge, colourful, futuristic park in the bay area of Singapore; and has been crowned World Building of the year at the world Architecture Festival

From Jurong to Geylang to Sembawang: 14 places to dine out in Singapore. Go ahead and explore the island’s tasty treats this weekend. Established in , Mariners’ Corner Restaurant is still whipping up dishes with recipes dating back to the colonial period.

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