The Hacker-Powered Security Report Hacker-Powered Security is any technique that utilizes the external hacker community to find unknown security vulnerabilities and reduce cyber risk. This report is the largest repository of hacker activity and vulnerability data on display. The parade of Olympic athletes entering Pyeongchang, South Korea, could be quite colorful for a few reasons. Athletes from North and South Korea will enter together for the first time in more than a decade, and viewers at home will be able to see the ceremony — and even some events — like never before. However, this year’s winter games can boast the addition of the High Dynamic Range element, which promises even more stunning colors in addition to higher resolution. The opening ceremonies will take place on Friday and will be carried in the normal high definition HD format on NBC, thus available on all providers that carry the broadcast network. Viewers who want the higher resolution 4K HDR will have to wait until Saturday to see the ceremonies in all their glory. Given the time difference between the United States and South Korea — 14 hours to the East Coast — viewing of the games will be time-delayed anyway, to an extent. That said, most — if not all — of the 4K HDR content will be delayed until 24 hours after the “live” broadcast.

The Olympics Issue

Since I am going to be asked about this I might as well give you my reaction to this latest development. Let me rephrase that: I like sports, but not the mega-business around watching sports. Third, I am not naive to the point of thinking the all-prevailing corruption in Russia would not affect any Russian athlete and that it is unthinkable that any of them might have used banned substances.

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Comments 20 Read by 3, people As we previously reported, the norovirus is spreading quickly among security guards at the Winter Olympics in Pyeongchang, South Korea. Determined not to let the Olympics spiral into a widespread gastrointestinal nightmare, organizers of the Games seemed intent on carrying out a scorched-earth assault on every last germ in a mile radius. According to the New York Times, by Thursday night, 42 more cases of norovirus were confirmed around the sites of the Winter Olympics, bringing the official tally of cases this week to A mere 24 hours before the opening ceremony of the Games, the outbreak has threatened to undermin e an otherwise watertight start to the global sports event.

Competitors, Olympic staff members, and journalists claimed not to be panicking, but the quietly growing sense of wariness in Pyeongchang was palpable. Sneezes provoked sideways looks. Fist bumps replaced handshakes. People washed their hands over and over and over again. But the norovirus is easily spread and difficult to contain. The norovirus is an infection which causes the sudden and severe onset of diarrhea and vomiting; symptoms which begin within of exposure and can be painful.

You can also be infected through close contact with an infected person. Most people will cover without treatment in three days, however, hospitalization can occur if victims are infants or elderly. Organizers said this viral infection is particularly bad. Of the 1, guards removed from duty, 41 had suffered a sudden onset of vomiting and diarrhea on Sunday and all had been taken to a hospital.

Chicago bid for the 2016 Summer Olympics

New pics released from Newtown shooting But during that long descent, Lanza never gave anyone any indication that he would one day turn a gun on his mother and then storm his onetime grade school with a semiautomatic rifle, killing 20 first-graders and six adults, investigators reported Monday. And so Connecticut authorities closed the book on the second-deadliest shooting in U.

Lanza shot himself at the end of his minute rampage, and police found no sign that he “voiced or gave any indication to others that he intended to commit such a crime himself,” according to a page summary of the investigation, released Monday. Though he had attended Sandy Hook from first through fifth grades, investigators found no sign the year-old was targeting any student, teacher or other employee at the school.

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Email Last Updated Jul 11, Paris is also trying to win over IOC members. In the unprecedented decision, both cities could end up with the Games but the big question that remains is the date — or That much time can have an impact on budget and venues, like at Los Angeles’ iconic Coliseum, which would need an upgrade and track installation before it’s ready to host the world, reports CBS News’ Jamie Yuccas. French President Emanuel Macron said Paris is better suited to defend the games’ values of openness and tolerance, which is being challenged by “others.

And then we have to deal with that,” said L. Chamber of Commerce president Gary Toebben. Initially, Boston also got the chance to bid along with Rome; Hamburg, Germany; and Budapest, Hungary, for , but all four cities dropped out over cost and size concerns. They kind of have to give up something to get one city to wait,” said David Wharton, who covers the Olympics for the Los Angeles Times.

Both Paris and Los Angeles are hoping to put on the games without a hefty price tag. How do you keep that going? So that will be a challenge,” Wharton said. But for those involved with bringing the Olympics back to L.

NBC says Matt Lauer misconduct occurred at Sochi Olympics and continued

Published on August 22, According to Nielsen live-plus-same-day data, NBC through the first 13 days of its Olympics coverage has averaged The “total audience delivery” data includes NBC’s primetime broadcasts, coverage on six cable networks and digital streaming. Since the games began on Aug.

Despite advances in streaming technology over the years, watching the Olympics on anything but a TV with a cable subscription is still a hassle. Read on as we show you how to get your Olympics fix without resorting to signing up for a cable plan.

Athletes not featured in the Daily Beast article at the Olympics. The entire piece is an astoundingly creepy exercise in Grindr-baiting , which involves a journalist accessing Grindr in an unlikely setting and … seeing what happens. But the Daily Beast piece, penned by Nico Hines, is a uniquely disgusting and irresponsible entry into the tired genre.

Hines entices his often closeted subjects under false pretenses; effectively outs several closeted athletes who live in repressive countries; then writes about the whole thing in a tone of mocking yet lurid condescension. On Thursday evening, the Daily Beast took down the piece entirely. Later, it also published an apology.


July 31, Vertical Frontier Created with Sketch. Justin Gatlin, once a gold-medal sprinter, was disgraced by a four-year doping ban. By Michael Powell Justin Gatlin. He was 33, his hair flecked with gray, an ancient in the world of sprinters.

Popping up once every two years, the Olympic Village is a boisterous city within a city: chock-full of condos, midrises and houses as well as cafés, barbershops, arcades, discos and TV lounges.

View 4 more images Newser — A Brazilian court has dismissed the criminal case against US swimmer Ryan Lochte, who had been charged with filing a false robbery report during the Olympics in Rio de Janeiro. The court confirmed in a statement this week that it tossed out the case after determining that Lochte’s robbery claim made to NBC News did not constitute the filing of a fake report, a crime punishable in Brazil by up to 18 months in prison. Lochte, while also acknowledging that he committed no crime while in Brazil.

We are hopeful that the prosecution accepts the court’s decision so that this story can finally be put to rest,” Jeff Ostrow, Lochte’s Florida-based attorney, said in an email to the AP on Saturday. Video showed the athletes in a confrontation with guards at a gas station when their cab stopped to let them use the restroom. The Olympic gold medalist later acknowledged he was intoxicated. Lochte served a month suspension from the US national team.

He was ineligible to compete at the recent US nationals, which kept him from qualifying for the world championships beginning July His suspension ended June Read more Ryan Lochte stories.

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Share this article Share They chatted with the skier, who came 39th, after the race, as well as Norway’s Aksel Lund Svindal, who came fourth. The couple posed for pictures with Svindal, who appeared happy with his score. Sven Kramer, 27, from the Netherlands competed during the race on day one of the Sochi Winter Olympics.

PyeongChang’s Winter Olympics are going to be particularly cold this year, and, in preparation, asked some beautiful, Spandex-wearing .

Published on August 25, Bob Costas poses with U. Burke said, in response to a question posed by Guggenheim executive chairman Alan Schwartz. Burke’s nightmare scenario didn’t play out to the letter, the final Nielsen numbers were fairly grim. Through the 17 nights of ceremonies and competition, NBC averaged 26 million viewers and a Rio’s ratings reflect NBC’s Total Audience Delivery, a metric that blends broadcast and cable prime-time deliveries with streaming data.

More importantly, NBC missed its ratings guarantees by 3.

Meet the Volunteers, champions of the Olympic Games!